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Child Safety Services

A free mobile app for young people leaving care

Sortli is a free mobile app for young people to help them think about their life after leaving the care system and plan their transition to independence.

  • New Family and Child Connect services to help vulnerable families

    As part of the Stronger Families reform program, community-based intake and referral services, known as Family and Child Connect, will assist vulnerable families to access the right services at the right time. Family and Child Connect will be supported by new Intensive Family Support services.

  • Talking Families — help for parents when they need it

    The Talking Families campaign encourages parents and families to talk about the pressures of parenting and seek help when they need it. The campaign is part of the Queensland Government’s Stronger Families reform program.

  • New Stronger Families website

    The Queensland Government is working to build stronger families and keep children safely at home. The new Stronger Families website is a central point for news and information relating to these reforms.

  • Creating stronger families

    The Queensland Government is transforming the state’s child protection system to help families care for their children and make Queensland the safest place in Australia to raise a child.

  • Is there room in your life to foster a child?

    Foster carers are everyday people who open their homes and hearts to help children and young people in need. Do you have room in your life to foster a child?

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