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Community Services

Improvements to Seniors and Carers Business Discount Scheme

We are revitalising the Business Discount Scheme for Seniors and Carers to provide a more contemporary, efficient and valuable service for cardholders and participating businesses.  

  • What’s your What-If Plan?

    Make sure you have an emergency plan in place for your family, and prepare your home to be storm and flood ready. Create your plan now.

  • Make the call

    Non-physical domestic violence can quickly turn into physical abuse with sometimes fatal consequences. If you feel concerned someone you know is being abused, don’t wait. Don’t let concern become regret. Make the call to DV Connect.

  • Telstra launches Safe Connections initiative

    Telstra is providing new smartphones and pre-paid credit to the Women’s Service Network for distribution to domestic and family violence services, as part of the newly launched Safe Connections initiative. Telstra has also released tips on using technology safely.

  • Queensland Youth Strategy Ambassadors 2014-15

    Six Queensland Youth Strategy Ambassadors have been chosen to champion the strategy's six areas of connection and be positive role models for their peers, families and communities.