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Community involvement

People within the community can get involved in arranged activities to support people with a disability. Whether it be through extending the hand of friendship to a person with a disability or more active involvement, such as ensuring your workplace welcomes people with a disability, we can all play a part in making our communities more inclusive.

  • Queensland Disability Conference 2014

    The 2014 event explored Queensland's plans to prepare for transitioning to the NDIS, as well as the Queensland Disability Plan 2014-19.

  • Queensland Disability Awards

    Disability awards will acknowledge the outstanding work which contributes to greater flexibility, choice and control for Queenslanders with a disability

  • Disability Action Week

    Disability Action Week overview and information including hosting an event, event calendar registration, changes you can make and award winners.

  • Queensland All Abilities Playground Project

    The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that all children, including those with a disability, have equal access to playgrounds so they can learn, grow and develop during play.

  • Communicating with people with a disability

    Promoting supportive and inclusive communities where people with a disability can participate equally in community life is an important priority for the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the state government.

  • Disability advisory councils

    The Queensland and regional disability advisory councils are a key channel for advice to the Minister on a range of regional, state and national disability and related matters that affect the broader community.

  • Measuring satisfaction

    User and carer satisfaction with DSQ funded services as measured by survey tool

  • See beyond the disability

    See beyond the disability profiles 10 Queenslanders with a disability who share their experiences and importantly their advice on how individuals can change their behaviour and attitudes to make Queensland more inclusive.

  • Mealtime support

    The Mealtime Support Resources are a series of information sheets with practical information on good mealtime support for people with a disability who may need some assistance at mealtimes.