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Positive Behaviour Support

Some Queensland adults with a cognitive or intellectual disability exhibit severely challenging behaviour. This is behaviour that either causes physical harm to the adult or others, or represents a serious risk of physical harm to the adult or others.

A key goal of the positive behaviour support and restrictive practices framework is to reduce or eliminate the use of restrictive practices and to help these adults improve their lives and participate more actively in their communities.

Positive behaviour support is an approach that is responsive to an individual's needs. It requires a thorough understanding of a person and their behaviour in order to determine the best ways to support them.

On 1 July 2014, new legislation came in to place to ensure the use of positive behaviour support and to protect clients who may be subject to restrictive practices.

The new laws also make it easier for disability service providers to meet their legal obligations, while increasing their accountability around the use of restrictive practices. Additionally, the changes include streamlined processes to allow service providers to focus on supporting their clients.

The new processes entail five key steps (PDF, 230 KB) five key steps (RTF, 143 KB):

  • Step 1 – develop a positive behaviour support plan
  • Step 2 – identify any restrictive practices in use
  • Step 3 – provide the adult and stakeholders with a statement about the use of restrictive practices
  • Step 4 – make a short-term approval application
  • Step 5 – seek approval, implement and review the plan

The Queensland Government knows it will take time for all involved to learn the requirements of the new laws and will deliver a training program throughout the state through the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support.

The following publications and resources will help people with disability, family members, carers, guardians and support workers understand their roles and responsibilities in providing positive behaviour support in conjunction with restrictive practices.

View the Restrictive Practice Requirements Matrix (PDF, 48 KB) Restrictive Practice Requirements Matrix (RTF, 78 KB). Related factsheets are available in the Publications and resources area.

Information for people with disability, families and carers

Information for service providers

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  • Tools and resources
  • Policies and procedures

Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support

The Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support oversees the practice reforms arising out of the Disability Services Act 2006 amendments.

Legislation to reduce or eliminate the use of restrictive practices

Read about how the Disability Services Act 2006 safeguards the rights of Queenslanders with disability.

Contact information

Find out who to contact to help you implement positive behaviour support and reduce and/or elimate the use of restrictive practices.