Customer service compliments and complaints

We want to hear your feedback – good or bad – to help us ensure we are delivering a quality service to the community.

We (the Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships) are collecting your personal information for managing your complaint in accordance with our Complaints Management Policy.

We may disclose your personal information to other agencies or third parties for the purpose of responding to or managing your complaint, or for evaluation purposes. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld). Find out more about our privacy policy.


To tell us about something we’ve done well, you can submit a compliment by:


We are committed to effective complaints management and will deal with all complaints against our actions, decisions or officers’ conduct in a responsive, confidential and fair manner. Complaints can be made regarding a range of issues, including:

  • a decision we have made or not made
  • the service we have provided or not provided
  • a service that is funded by us
  • the behaviour of our employees
  • one of our acts or practices in relation to the individual's personal information that may be a breach of our obligation under the Information Privacy Act 2009.

A complaint about a decision or action of the department must be made no later than 12 months after the complainant was notified or made aware of the decision or action. Complaints made outside this period will only be reviewed if the department considers that exceptional circumstances warrant consideration of the out-of-time complaint.

Please find following our complaints management procedure that applies to our services.

Human Rights Complaints

Complaints under the Human Rights Act 2019 (Human Rights Act) can only be made about alleged breaches that have occurred after 1 January 2020.

The Human Rights Act requires public entities including the Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, to act in a way that is compatible with human rights obligations when delivering services and interacting with the community.

There are 23 human rights set out in the Human Rights Act. The Human Rights Act and more information about the 23 human rights is available here

If you believe that the department has breached your human rights, you can make a complaint directly to the department through our complaints process.

The department has 45 days to respond to your complaint.

We will assess all complaints received by the department for breaches of human rights, whether you have identified a human rights concern or not.

Complaints management procedure

You can raise a complaint about us or a funded service provider through our complaints management process below. You can find out more by reading our Complaints Management Policy (PDF, 188 KB) Complaints Management Policy (DOCX, 118 KB) and Complaints Information Booklet - Easy Read (PDF, 379 KB) as well as the fact sheets at the bottom of this page.

Try to resolve the complaint

Complaints are best resolved at the local level, so in the first instance please contact the team or area you have been dealing with.

Make a complaint

If your complaint can’t be resolved or you are unhappy with the response to your complaint, please contact our central Complaints Unit. Write down everything relevant to the matter in the order in which it happened. Make sure you include a description of what happened, dates, phone calls, letters and meetings. Let us know the outcome you are seeking or the action you want us to take.

You can make a formal complaint by:

  • phoning 1800 491 467 (free call)
  • sending an email
  • using the online form
  • posting your feedback to:

    Complaints Unit
    Department of Seniors, Disability Services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
    GPO Box 806, Brisbane Qld 4001

NDIS participants can take any concerns about the services they are receiving through the NDIS to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

We will provide and pay for professional interpreting services for clients who have difficulties communicating in English, and can also arrange for interpreters in Auslan and other sign languages when required. Find out more about interpreter and translator services.

A privacy complaint may relate to the collection, management, use, disclosure or overseas transfer of your personal information (e.g. your name and address is given to a third party who does not have any involvement with your case). Privacy complaints must be made in writing. If you believe that we haven’t handled your information appropriately, then please complete this Privacy Complaint Form (DOCX, 119 KB) Privacy Complaint Form (RTF, 183 KB) and let us know about your concerns. Once you have completed the form, please email to us.

If you need help completing the form, please contact us either through 1800 080 464 or send an email.

What happens after you make a complaint

Once we’ve received your complaint, the departmental officer managing your complaint will keep you informed on its progress and any action taken. On completion of the complaint process, the departmental officer will take note of how your complaint was managed and whether you are satisfied with the outcome.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint

If you are unhappy with how we have handled your complaint, you can request that our Complaints Unit reviews the process. If following this review you are still unhappy with the outcome, you can contact the Queensland Ombudsman to request an independent review by phoning them on 1800 068 908 or sending an email.

Other key complaint resolution contacts

While every attempt will be made to resolve your complaint, sometimes we might not be the most appropriate agency to help you. Other key complaint resolution contacts are:

More information

  • Public Interest Disclosures

    The Queensland Ombudsman administers the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (PID Act). The PID Act provides unique protections from reprisal for public officers disclosing information in the public interest.

Complaints data

We are required to publish a complaints management report to meet the Public Service Act 2008 mandatory requirements