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David's Story

“Hi, I’m David. I’m part of the group called indelabilityarts. We’re in the middle of rehearsing for a new show called Love me

My first experience of getting a job was working in a law firm. It was a casual job but I worked there for 10 years. The staff there were very nice, very friendly. 

But now I’m doing my dream job – singing, dancing and acting. The opportunity to perform to sold-out audiences, getting people to have a good time is really terrific. 

Most people these days are pretty closed-minded and not as accepting as they should be. I think they are confronted by us. I think that over time they will understand that we are all same.

My hope is that people respect us as people not as people with disabilities. Everybody is special in different ways. We don’t like being labelled by our disability. We are just ordinary people. Awesome people, but just going about and doing our jobs.”