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Julia's Story


I’m a mother of four and grandmother of one. I have an acquired brain injury. I had a brain tumour which I lived with for eight years before I could get surgery. During the surgery I had a stroke which knocked out my memory and gave me permanent double vision.

Griffith has been great from the start. They have an assisted technology lab for people with disability. They set up special exam sittings, large print papers and provide me with copies of the PowerPoints ahead of lectures. Aside from that they understand that I just can’t do some things. It’s hard for me to do things in the afternoon. My brain just starts shorting out on me and I can have seizures if I’m excessively tired.

Prior to my injury I admit I had my own prejudices towards people with disability. I saw the extra services as a bit of a cop out. When I first started studying I didn’t want to be labelled as a person with a disability. I didn’t want to use disability services. I was like ‘What? I can do this. I’m’ fine!’ But over the course of eighteen months I had to adjust my own thinking. Using these services is just levelling the playing field.