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Madeleine's story


“I’m into theatre and acting and directing. With the team at indelabilityarts there is a level of respect that you don’t get as a disabled artist in a room full of able-bodied artists. There’s that flexibility to make theatre in a way that is respectful to everyone in the group. We are all really supportive of everyone else – what each of us can contribute. We’re making professional standard work and we’re getting paid to do it.

There’s no reason that employing a person with a disability can’t work. You just need to be open to making some pretty easy adjustments. A big part of the issue is the fear of the unknown. 

If you’re an able-bodied person you’ve never had to do things differently and don’t realise that some people do have to do things differently. It’s all about thinking differently. 

My current employer has been the most accommodating employer. They do things for me without drama and without comment. It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t make a song and dance.

My hope from this is that when disabled people apply for jobs they don’t automatically go on ‘the no pile’. My dream is it gets people to start talking to people about what they need and having that conversation rather than assuming and thinking it’s too hard. 

There’s always a way around things.”