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We have a vision of a harmonious, inclusive and united Queensland. While Queensland is a multicultural success story, by aiming higher we can gain more of the economic and social benefits diversity brings.

The Multicultural Queensland Charter sets out eight principles to achieve the vision—but we can’t do it without your help and support.

To bring the Charter to life in your business or organisation, and enable you to better capitalise on the benefits of cultural diversity, we have established the Multicultural Queensland Ambassador program.

What does the program involve?

The program offers a unique opportunity to adopt the Charter and make it practical and relevant to your organisation's needs and forward planning, enabling you to capitalise on the benefits of diversity.

By being a part of the Multicultural Queensland Ambassador program your organisation can:

  • access events and training to build on your organisation’s existing cultural capability
  • access opportunities to work and partner with the Queensland Government
  • promote your organisation as a Multicultural Queensland Ambassador program member and visibly align your organisation with the Charter.

We’re asking each Ambassador representative to commit up to 5 hours per month to the program and for the organisation’s CEO or their delegate to help drive change within their organisation.

Each month, Ambassador representatives will receive an email tailored to their organisation’s cultural diversity level. For those who need to increase their organisation's capacity, there will be activities and resources provided to support the introduction of new initiatives or to increase effectiveness of their current activities. Cultural diversity practice leaders will be encouraged to share their success stories with the network.

What are the benefits?

The case for multiculturalism is strong. Cultural diversity brings both social and economic benefits to Queensland and by joining the program your organisation can reap the rewards and showcase your successes to the Ambassador network and beyond.

Cultural diversity offers your organisation a range of economic and social benefits, including:

  • global knowledge, language and cultural skills
  • innovation through diversity of life experience and thinking
  • higher workplace morale, through acceptance and understanding
  • greater responsiveness to customer needs through increased cultural competence
  • access to a wider talent pool to help meet the challenges of a changing labour market
  • access to new markets both here and overseas.

The Multicultural Queensland Ambassador program is a powerful statement to your customers, staff, stakeholders, members and potential customers that your organisation values multiculturalism.

Join the program

Visit who should nominate to find out more or go straight to how to nominate to apply now.

Why we need ambassadors

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