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Corporate hijabs encourage diversity

Malini Raj

Malini Raj was working in Commonwealth Bank’s retail small business banking division when she started championing the introduction of a hijab as part of the Bank’s corporate uniform range. She says:

From simply listening to staff, it became apparent to me that many of our Muslim employees chose not to wear the hijab as they weren’t sure how people would react.

Thanks to Malini’s passion and work with Mosaic, the Bank’s cultural diversity employee network, Commonwealth Bank became the first financial institution in Australia to introduce a corporate hijab, demonstrating their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Twelve months on from its launch, more than 375 Commonwealth Bank employees proudly wear the hijab to work every day.

By introducing the corporate hijab, the Commonwealth Bank is ensuring employees like Abir El Taweel, who features in the video, feel supported in the workplace.

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