The morning sessions will be live streamed from Cairns
Welcome to country - 9.00 am
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Master of Ceremonies

Jeremy Donovan

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Opening (RTF, 49 KB)

Minister Coralee O’Rourke MP, will explore the opportunities and challenges for Queensland at this time of transformational change - how we make the most of Queensland’s uniqueness and capitalise on the momentum from the NDIS.

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The ripple effect (RTF, 76 KB)

Mark McCrindle, a leading social researcher will talk about ‘the ripple effect’ – the far-reaching effects on society, as people with disability have more choice and control over how they live their lives.

Mark will take learnings from other major social reforms and explore the potential impacts of the NDIS.

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Morning Tea

My NDIS story (RTF, 62 KB)

NDIS participants, Tina Gulino and Rachael Emerson, share their story of how the NDIS has created opportunities for them, their families and their community.

Tina, an NDIS participant from the trial site in Barwon reflects on the changes in her life, from one of survival to one of excitement, new challenges and possibilities.

Rachael, from Queensland’s early launch in Townsville, shares her experience of transitioning her young daughter to the NDIS and how she prepared.

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Opportunities in our backyard (RTF, 74 KB)

A panel will explore opportunities that the NDIS will create in our own backyard – opportunities for Queenslanders, our communities, our businesses, our workforce and our economy. Members of the panel are:

Tina Gulino – NDIS participant from the Barwon trial site

Paul Calcott – aboriginal artist and Program Manager of the Murri Disability Advisory Network (DAN)

Paul Breen – founder and Director of the construction industry’s Productivity Bootcamp

Belinda Drew - CEO of the Community Services Industry Alliance

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IMPACT Community Choir

This Community Choir sure has ability, and they certainly won't let their disability get in the way. The IMPACT Community Choir began in 2011 and now consists of more than 40 people who just love to sing.  Choir members meet every week to rehearse and learn new songs, or head out to perform.  The Choir is supported by a group of very committed volunteers and support staff who bring their own music accompaniment, expertise and love of music to assist each week.

Concurrent sessions

NDIS – surviving and thriving – provider learnings from the NDIS trial

Anthony Mitchell CEO with Leapfrog Ability, shares his experience of leading a small service provider in the midst of the NDIS trial in the NSW Hunter region and discusses how the service has grown and changed as a business that NDIS participants choose

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strong families, strong communities

Explore innovative solutions created to support people with disability. Weeroona project coordinator Susie Ma and project volunteer Tim Aitken share their role in establishing a project to support younger siblings of people with disability.  Shari Guinea shares her first-hand experience of creating opportunities for her sister with disability to engage with the community in a purposeful manner

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innovating or social outcomes

Tanya O’Shea, CEO of Bundaberg’s Impact Community Services, explores how their business has diversified and grown to create a sustainable organisation that employs a growing number of people

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Afternoon tea

Concurrent sessions

growing tomorrow’s NDIS workforce

Matthew Gillet, Industry Development Officer with the Community Services Industry Alliance, leads a session that looks at how Queensland will prepare its disability workforce for the future.  Learn about the forecast NDIS jobs growth for central Queensland, the key areas for workforce development and the strategies that WorkAbility Queensland will employ to support the region’s future workforce

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cultural belonging

A story of Alana Purcell, a Cherbourg local, and how her community in central Queensland has welcomed and supported her to live an inspiring life and how she has given back to the community

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balancing act – responding to clients’ needs while remaining viable in an open NDIS market

Experienced service providers Anthony Mitchell, from Leapfrog Ability in the NSW Hunter region, and Desmond Quinn, former CEO of Excelcare in Central Queensland, share some practial steps for providers to support each person’s changing needs and goals as they move to an open market

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Transition to the NDIS (RTF, 151 KB)

Michael Shearer, Regional Executive Director, Central Queensland Region and with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and Anne Skordis, General Manager, Scheme Transition with the National Disability Insuance Agency discuss Queensland’s transition to the NDIS - what do we know, where are we up to and what’s next

Summary and close 5.00 pm


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