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  1. Stop Cyberbullying

Stop Cyberbullying

Grant projects

Learn about the local initiatives and projects that grant recipients have delivered to tackle cyberbullying.

Online Safety Act consultation

The Australian Government is seeking your comments on proposals for a new Online Safety Act to improve Australia’s online safety regulatory framework. Consultation closes at 5pm on 19 February.

Make a cyberbullying complaint

Find out how to make a complaint about cyberbullying or seriously threatening, intimidating, harassing or humiliating online behaviour.

Say 'no' to bullying

All bullying, including cyberbullying, is never OK. Take a stand and say 'no' to bullying.

Presentations from CONVO2019

Read presentations from guest speakers at CONVO2019 about how to keep children safe in the online world.

Find support services

Are you or someone you care about going through a tough time? Find the best support option for you.