Swipe it away

We asked young Queenslanders for their ideas for preventing, reducing and responding to cyberbullying through a series of focus groups and at CONVO2019. It was their creativity and passion for stopping cyberbullying that led us to the ‘Swipe it away – and talk with someone you trust’ message.

Cyberbullies try to take away our power. By swiping the cyberbullying away and talking with someone you trust, you can take the power back. You don’t have to face cyberbullying alone. Check out the advice and information on this Stop Cyberbullying portal and contact one of the support services if you need extra help.

Show your support

While it is important that people know how to get help and support, we also want to stop cyberbullying by ensuring everyone gets the message that we’ve got no time for cyberbullies.

There are lots of ways you can show your support.

  • Share one of the campaign videos:

The Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce

The Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce report Adjust our settings: A community approach to address cyberbullying among children and young people in Queensland (PDF) recommended a campaign be developed by young Queenslanders for young Queenslanders to prevent, reduce and respond to cyberbullying.

That’s why we brought a diverse group of young people from across Queensland, social media companies, social media influencers, parents and support services together to workshop real solutions to stop cyberbullying at CONVO2019.

We’re proud to share their ideas with everyone across the state, promoting the ‘Swipe it away – and talk with someone you trust’ message on social media and a range of digital channels including Pedestrian TV from mid-September until 30 January 2021.