Left on Read music video

Young people in Meadowbrook have collaborated to create a song and video with an empowering message about dealing with cyberbullying.

Grant recipient Headspace Meadowbrook wanted to use their funds to collaborate with young people to address cyberbullying in their community, so they teamed up with Crestmead PCYC, The Centre Education Programme (Kingston), and Rhys Solomon from D4C music to make their project happen.

Working with 8 talented young Queenslanders aged 12 to 17, the group produced ‘Left on Read’, a song that talks about their experiences of cyberbullying and empowers other young people to be strong, ‘learn how to be themselves’ and unplug.

We worked together across 4 days to develop the ideas and themes we wanted to present through our song and then started writing the lyrics, laid down the track, recorded vocals and also collected footage throughout the workshop to edit together for the music video. The depth of creativity and sense of accomplishment achieved in this workshop by the young people and support staff was absolutely incredible.

- Jessica, Headspace Meadowbrook Community Engagement Coordinator

More than 40 young people and community members turned out for the launch of the song and music video on 10 December 2019 and were (understandably) incredibly proud of themselves. The video has now been shared across social media to help spread the message and inspire other young people to stand up to cyberbullies.

Watch the video!