Small school's big message with new mural

Taabinga State School P&C Association received a Tackle Cyberbullying grant to paint a mural with anti-cyberbullying messages.

The following story by Madeline Grace is reproduced with kind permission from the school’s local paper, the South Burnett Times.

Taabinga State School mural

The anti-cyberbullying mural at Taabinga State School.


Taabinga State School has been spreading kindness, love and friendship with the help of a brand new mural. Principal Anja Janosevic applied for the $4,500 cyberbullying grant through Child Safety Minister, Di Farmer.

“We always wanted to have it painted locally so we had Lee Porter do the tackle the issue of cyberbullying, but mostly the idea of friendship and kindness within the school,” Ms Janosevic said.

"We're hoping by promoting this, the kids will play well together at school and spread kindness instead of getting on their computer or phones to bully each other."

Ms Janosevic said she believed the mural tackled all forms of bullying, not just cyberbullying.

“The theme is that kind kids make friends,” she said.

“We also had the artist come in and talk to a few of the classes to ask the kids about what kind of concepts and ideas they thought worked against cyber bullying and bullying.

"So most of the ideas that Lee painted on the mural actually came from our children.

"We didn't want to focus too much on the negatives associated with bullying because we would rather be spreading positivity.”

The thought behind the mural was to also create more conversations at home about bullying.

“We want the students to talk to their parents about bullying, then for their parents to lead that conversation,” Ms Janosevic said.

“It's also important for students to understand what bullying is of course and the difference between a one-off incident and actual bullying.”