Helping your child deal with cyberbulling

Your first reaction might be to panic and ban your child from using their phone, tablet or computer, or a particular platform or app.

You’ll be more of a support if you can stay calm and work through the issue with your child.

What should I do?

Visit the eSafety Commissioner’s parents and carers pages to find tips and advice to help your child.

How to respond

If your child has asked you for help with a cyberbullying situation, what should you say or do?

Helping your teenager deal with online bullying

Learn some practical ways that can help you to protect your child, make them feel better and help you both deal with cyberbullying.

Zoe's bullying story

When Zoe and her boyfriend broke up, she found herself being cyberbullied by his friends. Watch the video to see how Zoe and her mum Anna worked through the impact of it together.

Talking with teenagers

Find tips on how to talk with your teenager and encourage them to open up if they are experiencing problems.

Tips for handling bullying and cyberbullying

The videos and information on the Dolly’s Dream website will help you learn about types of cyberbullying, how to talk to your kids about bullying, and how to collect evidence to make a report.