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  • Concurrent case planning now part of Permanency Practice KitPosted: Tuesday 23 March 2021

    Effective concurrent case planning is focused on a child’s need for timely and enduring relational, physical and legal permanency.

  • Update on My HomePosted: Monday 22 March 2021

    My Home is a program delivered by Adoption and Permanent Care Services (APCS), Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs, that aims to provide the best quality, lifelong care for children in foster care who are unable to live permanently with their family of origin.

  • Evaluation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing ServicesPosted: Friday 19 March 2021

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Wellbeing Services (FWS) provide valuable support for children to grow up safely in strong, connected families and communities. An implementation and outcomes evaluation of the FWS program commenced at the beginning of 2021.

  • Strengthening the health assessment response for children and young people in carePosted: Friday 19 March 2021

    Strengthening the health assessment response for children and young people in care is a Queensland-wide project aimed at improving both the child safety and health sector responses to the health needs of young people in care.

  • Queensland Child Death Review BoardPosted: Thursday 18 March 2021

    The Child Death Review Board (CDRB) commenced on 1 July 2020 and conducts systemic reviews following the death of a child connected to the child protection system under Part 3A of the Family and Child Commission Act 2014.

  • Practice Studio: Social Entrapment FrameworkPosted: Wednesday 17 March 2021

    In 2020, the Gympie Local Level Alliance obtained funding from WorkUp QLD to host a practice studio as an opportunity to pilot new practice around the use of the Social Entrapment Framework

  • Video training supports parents after separation/divorcePosted: Tuesday 16 March 2021

    Video training in regional Queensland is allowing more evidence-based specialist parenting support to be delivered, such as the Family Transitions Triple P program, which has been shown to reduce coercive parenting in split families.

  • The Early Years Conference goes digitalPosted: Monday 15 March 2021

    The Early Years Conference promotes the wellbeing of children and families by advancing collaboration and evidence-based practice and provides a platform to reflect multiple perspectives to improve early childhood development.

  • T2A Month – How Transition Officers help young people Posted: Friday 11 December 2020

    November was Transition to Adulthood (T2A) Month, which highlights the significant time in a young person’s life when they transition from care and into adulthood.

  • CREATE wraps up T2A MonthPosted: Thursday 10 December 2020

    Each year, more than 500 young people leave the Queensland child protection system in their transition to adulthood. Read the CREATE Foundation’s wrap-up of T2A Month and how they help young people who are navigating the journey through conversations, events and resources.

Showing 1–10 of 132 news articles.