Mentoring is a valuable service to develop your networks, increase your influence and build your capability to assist you in securing board appointments. The following information is to provide an understanding of mentoring, resources and quick and easy access to leading mentoring service providers.

There are five leading practice principles that have been identified to serve as a guide for any mentoring program. These include:

  1. Building relationships: Development of mutually beneficial relationships where those who are involved feel as though their professional development is supported and encouraged
  2. Alignment with the wider vision: All programs have a focus on increasing the pipeline of female executive leaders throughout Queensland
  3. Cater to the individual Mentees and mentors are able to autonomously connect based on their professional skillset and desired goals as there isn’t a "one size fits all" approach to mentoring
  4. Accessible by all: Mentoring programs support accessibility by future leaders from across the state
  5. Continuously improve: Each program is committed to continuously seeking feedback to improve the overall effectiveness

What is mentoring?

It is important that mentees and mentors understand what does and does not constitute a mentoring relationship. We have provided a guide below. It is up to you to discuss expectations and boundaries with your mentee/mentor.

Mentoring is:

  • A mutually beneficial relationship that supports the personal and professional development of both parties
  • An opportunity to build your network and learn more about the industry and organisation you are interested in
  • An opportunity to benefit from the knowledge, experiences and wisdom of others
  • A different perspective outside your normal working environment to challenge your thinking

Mentoring is not:

  • A counselling service relating to a mentee’s personal issues
  • A complaints department
  • A one way relationship
  • A guarantee of new role opportunities or success in gaining a board position

Mentoring service providers

Are you interested in being mentored? Please look through the list of mentoring service providers and choose a program that best suits your needs.

Athena Coaching
IECL- Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
The Coaching Room- Developmental Executive Coaching 1300 858 089
The Orijen Group (02) 9416 2560
The Talent Advisors- Dianne Jacobs
Through the Roof
UGM Consulting Mentoring Success Program
Women & Leadership Australia- "Executive Ready"
Women in Technology
Women's Network Australia
Women on Boards Pty Ltd

Mentoring resources to support service providers and candidates

View the resource library below for tips and tricks on how to develop a valuable mentoring relationship.

  1. The 7 C's Model for Mentors (PDF, 93 KB)
  2. First Meeting Discussion Guide (PDF, 116 KB)
  3. Mentoring Meeting Framework (PDF, 95 KB)
  4. Tips on Virtual Mentoring (PDF, 94 KB)
  5. Your Role as a Mentor (PDF, 90 KB)
  6. Evaluating Your Mentoring Experience (PDF, 115 KB)
  7. Your Role as a Mentee (PDF, 69 KB)

Are you a recognised provider?

If you are a recognised provider of mentoring programs to assist women in preparing for representation on a board and would like to be included on our list, please complete the Contact us form to provide us with details of your services for consideration.