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Child safety legislation reform

Review of the Child Protection Act 1999

The Queensland Government is working to build a new child protection and family support system that will transform the way child and family services are delivered in Queensland.

Ensuring that the support system is underpinned by a strong and contemporary legislative framework is an important part of this work.

The review of the Child Protection Act 1999 will also consider the legislative amendments recommended by the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry in its report Taking Responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection that have been accepted by the Queensland Government and not yet implemented.

From September 2015 to February 2016, the department consulted with Queenslanders as part of the review, and insights were gathered through community forums, written submissions, meetings, focus groups and small group sessions.

A discussion paper was developed to guide consultation on the review of the legislation, and the department is currently considering the responses received.

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