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Foster and Kinship Carer Week

Foster and Kinship Carer Week will be held in the last week of April from 25 to 30 April 2016. It will be a celebration of the dedication and commitment of Queensland's foster and kinship carers who provide children and young people with a safe, loving and stable home.

There are currently more than 5100 carer families in Queensland who find room in their hearts and homes for more than 8000 children and young people in care.

The week offers an opportunity to highlight the selfless work by foster and kinship carers, thank them for their efforts and raise the profile of foster and kinship caring in the community.

The department is partnering with Foster Care Queensland, as well as local agencies, on the development of activities to be held with foster and kinship carers across the state during the week.

More information and resources will be available here leading up to Foster and Kinship Carer Week.

Download resources


Please download and print from the following suite of posters. The posters with the white background are black and white print-friendly:  

Electronic thank you cards

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These images can be inserted into your email signature in Microsoft Outlook to show your support for Foster and Kinship Carer Week:

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