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Family support services summary statistics, Queensland

Family support enquiries 2012-132013-142014-152015-16

year ending 30 Jun 2017

Enquiries received (a)n.a.n.a.n.a.14,43525,126
Active engagement by Family and Child Connectn.a.n.a.n.a.8,08915,173

Child protection summary statistics, Queensland

  2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16  2016-17
Intakes - all concerns received by the department about harm or risk of harm to a child. 128,534 129,615 107,585 99,293 108,041
Child concern reports - all concerns received that do not suggest a child is in need of protection. 103,771 106,359 85,229 76,686 85,358
Notifications - all concerns received that suggest a child is in need of protection. 24,763 23,256 22,356 22,607 22,683
Children subject to a child concern report - the number of individual children subject to one or more child concern reports. 65,935 67,946 56,687 51,015 55,441
Children subject to a notification - the number of individual children subject to one or more notifications. 21,254 20,229 19,494 19,930 20,076
Investigation and assessment
Admissions to assessment orders  1,595 1,308 1,372 1,517 1,952
Temporary assessment orders  808 667 663 777 968
Court assessment orders (CAO)  787 641 709 740 984
Substantiations - all notifications assessed that a child has experienced significant harm and/or is at risk of significant harm.  8,069 7,406 6,445 6,113 6,242
In need of protection - all notifications assessed that a child has been harmed and is at an unacceptable risk of significant future harm, as the child does not have a parent willing and able to protect them.  5,062 4,788 4,335 4,143 4,100
Not in need of protection - all notifications assessed that a child has experienced significant harm, and the child has a parent willing and able to protect them.  3,007 2,618 2,110 1,970 2,142
Children subject to a substantiation - the number of individual children subject to a substantiation.  7,149 6,685 5,875 5,627 5,787
Ongoing intervention (b)
Total children subject to ongoing intervention - intervention with parental agreement or intervention or a child protection order.  11,420 11,334 11,411 11,458 12,108
Intervention with parental agreement



2,195 1,937 2,481
Child protection orders (CPO)  9,167 9,084 9,216 9,521 9,627
Children subject to protective orders (CPO and CAO)  9,211 9,131 9,269 9,576 9,706
Children living away from home  8,652 8,631 8,812 9,091 9,406
Percent of Indigenous children in out-of-home care placed with kin, other Indigenous carers or Indigenous residential care services  55.5 55.1 55.9 56.5 56.7
Approved carer families


4,833 5,012 5,186 5,192


  • 1. The definitions used for each indicator are identified in the relevant tables on the Our Performance site.
  • (a) The staged rollout of Family and Child Connect commenced from January 2015. Annual data prior to this period is not available (n.a.). Figures are year ending the final day of the reference period.
  • (b) Figures are point in time, as at final day of reference period.
SS.1: Child protection summary statistics, five-year trend, Queensland Excel (XLSX, 12 KB) Excel (CSV, 3 KB) Excel (XLSX, 12 KB) Excel (CSV, 3 KB)
SS.2: Child protection summary statistics, ten-year trend, Queensland Excel (XLSX, 13 KB) Excel (CSV, 5 KB)  

Impacts on data over time

Since 2004, the Queensland child protection system has undergone a period of significant reform. This has resulted in changes to all aspects of the child protection system including legislation, policies and practices, information management systems, recording practices, staffing and services. As a consequence, data for a number of key measures are not strictly comparable across years.

The summary of key child protection system reforms from 2003-04 onward highlights the events in Queensland's child protection history that have impacted on performance figures.

Summary of key child protection system reforms from 2003-04, Queensland

    • October 2003 Public hearings of abuse in foster care
    • January 2004 CMC inquiry report
    • September 2004 Department of Child Safety formed. Recording of notification and substantiations relating to unborn children commenced
    • February 2005 New police operational policy regarding domestic violence
    • March 2005 Protective advice responses no longer recorded as notifications
    • August 2005 Mandatory reporting for doctors and nurses
    • April 2006 Statewide implementation of Structured Decision Making tools
    • May 2006 Further legislative amendments enacted
    • March 2007 ICMS went live. Changes to recording of notifications
    • August 2007 Updated release of ICMS to enable greater functionality
    • August 2009 Updated release of ICMS to enable greater functionality for recording information and managing placements and carers
    • November 2010 Updated release of ICMS to enable enhanced management of the carer recruitment and approval process
    • August to October 2010 Regional Intake Services (RIS) established, centralising the recording of intakes for each region
    • August 2011 Legislative amendments, including changed case plan review requirements, took effect. Changes to recording substantiated harm types
    • July 2013 Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry released final report ‘Taking responsibility: A Roadmap for Queensland Child Protection’
    • July 2013 Procedures to streamline the department’s response to concerns relating to standards of care provided by foster and kinship carers introduced
    • January 2015 New provisions enabling referrals of families to support services
    • January 2015 The Queensland Police Service revoked its administrative policy for mandatory reporting of domestic and family violence incidents
    • January 2015 Family and Child Connect services and intensive family support services opened across the state



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