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Investment of time and resources into the development and support of research projects is fundamental to our delivery of services and our vision for Queensland's communities, children, families and young people.

What support is provided?

Support may be provided to research projects through in-kind assistance, including access to data, clients and staff. In some instances financial assistance may be available to support highly relevant research projects.

Our department offers support and assistance in developing research projects where possible. The approval process incorporates our legislative and strategic obligations.

Proposals for research

We are committed to encouraging practitioners, policy-makers and academics to utilise our research; and to investigate further study relevant to work and policy development which promotes child safety and the wellbeing of children and families.

In applying departmental values to research proposals, we ensure research methodologies and practices uphold the principles of 'in the best interests of children, young people and community members' and 'doing no harm'.

We recognise, and require any researchers we support to also recognise and respect the vulnerability of children, young people and other community members who access our services or who have entered the child protection system, and the duty of care held by our department towards these people.

Research that involves the participation of clients of Child Safety Services must comply with research provisions under the Child Protection Act 1999 and be approved by the Department. 

Further information

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