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Child Safety Licensing

Licensing helps ensure that organisations providing supported placements to children and young people subject to statutory intervention are meeting, and will continue to meet, legislated requirements outlined in the Child Protection Act 1999 (PDF) and the Child Protection Regulation 2011 (PDF).

Incorporated organisations delivering services that have the primary purpose of providing out-of-home care to children subject to statutory child protection intervention are required to be licensed.

In assessing the primary purpose of a service the department will consider if one or more of the following applies:

  • the service is made available specifically for departmental child safety referrals
  • the majority of placements with the service are child safety placements, or
  • the majority of funding for the service is to provide or support departmental child safety placements.

The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has introduced a model for organisation level licensing, incorporating the Human Services Quality Framework, to streamline the child safety licensing processes for non-government organisations. 

Organisation level licensing reduces red tape by allowing organisations to apply for and maintain a single licence for all Queensland child safety care services regardless of location or service delivery type.

Under organisation level licensing, organisations delivering care services that are required to be licensed must achieve certification against the Human Services Quality Framework before applying for an organisation care service licence. The certification audit report will be used as the independent advice required by the department to inform a licensing decision.

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