Financial literacy and resilience

The Queensland Government financial literacy program provides support to Queenslanders to improve financial knowledge, build financial capacity and manage factors that contribute to financial difficulties. These services include:

  • Financial Counselling services assist individuals and families with budgeting, financial planning and debt management. Counsellors are qualified to identify and support clients experiencing financial hardship and provide a discreet confidential service.
    Financial advice provided by the counsellors include:
    • assessing financial positions
    • choosing products to suit individual financial position and needs
    • identifying financial goals and
    • helping with decisions about how to better use money.
  • Financial resilience services provide financial education and advice to support to support Queenslanders to better respond to financial stresses, personal issues and cost of living pressures. This includes:
    • understanding how credit works
    • developing and maintaining budgets
    • undertaking straightforward negotiations with creditors
    • linking with specialist support services (e.g. gambling help, drug and alcohol services)
    • accessing low cost financial products such as no interest loans.
    • Qualified financial counsellors provide support to resolve more complex financial problems, and undertake complex negotiations with creditors about restructuring debts if necessary.
  • Generalist counselling services provides individuals and families with counselling, practical support, advocacy, referrals and linkages to other services.
  • Good Money - Community Finance Stores aim to build the social and economic wellbeing of Queenslanders and are located in Southport and Cairns. Stores offer safe, affordable and responsible financial services for people on low incomes who are otherwise excluded from mainstream financial services.