Logan Together

Logan Together Movement 

Since 2015, the Logan Community has applied a collective impact approach to improve the wellbeing of children (0-8 years). The Logan Together Movement aims to reduce rates of developmental vulnerability for Logan children to the state average by 2025. The Logan Community are working to ensure their children grow up as healthy and full of potential as other Queensland children. Evidence shows that focusing on early childhood development can lead to lasting social and economic benefits for a whole community.

Queensland Government agencies are partners in the Logan Together Movement to help deliver on the priorities identified in the Logan Together Roadmap and Plan including child and maternal wellbeing services, pre-school and primary schooling, accessible and integrated social services and community hubs. The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors is pleased to be one of the key Queensland Government partners in this initiative. This work will contribute important evidence to help us understand how to design and integrate services to improve health and wellbeing outcomes across Queensland communities.

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Logan Together Progress Report

The Logan Together Progress Report 2019 is now available.

The Logan Together Progress Report 2019 was prepared by Clear Horizons Consulting, using a co-design approach with the Australian Government, Logan Together backbone and stakeholders, service providers, the Queensland Government, local government, philanthropic organisations, academics and the Logan community.

The Report reveals the power of collective effort in generating early instances of change in the initial years of what is a long term agenda to improve socio-economic outcomes for communities through place-based approaches.

Read the Logan Together Progress Report 2019 (PDF)to learn about the impact of the Logan Together Movement.

Summary of Logan Together 2019 Progress Report - Summary table of recommendations against key themes and findings (PDF).

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