Queensland Community Support Scheme

The Queensland Community Support Scheme (QCSS) is an important component of the Queensland government’s commitment to build thriving communities and enable the active participation of all Queenslanders, both socially and economically, within their community.

The QCSS provides supports to people who, with a small amount of assistance, can maintain or regain their independence, continue living safely in their homes, and actively participate in their communities.

People may be eligible for the scheme if they are under 65 years old (or under 50 years old for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people) with:

  • a disability (and are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme)
  • chronic illness, mental health or other condition, or
  • circumstances that impact their ability to live independently in the community.

For consumers and carers

Provides information about what supports are available, eligibility criteria, and how to access the Queensland Community Support Scheme.

For Service Providers

Includes information and resources for Queensland Community Support Scheme Service Providers. 

Key Documents

QCSS Practice Manual  (DOCX, 830 KB) QCSS Practice Manual  (PDF, 1.1 MB)

The Practice manual provides information about:

  • planning and delivering supports - including the target group, eligibility and support types
  • administering supports - including reporting and accountability
  • service outlet and government responsibilities.

QCSS Outcome Measurement System (OMS) Technical Specification (DOCX, 285 KB) QCSS Outcome Measurement System (OMS) Technical Specification (PDF, 1 MB)

The QCSS-OMS Technical Specification provides:

  • detailed definitions, formats and code values for each of the data elements that are required to be reported in the QCSS-OMS
  • definitions of data elements and concepts that are not to be reported in the QCSS-OMS, but enable the derivation of reportable data elements and therefore require a clear definition. 

For providers of the former Queensland Community Care program

Provides information about financial and performance reporting and other information that may be required to finalise Queensland Community Care arrangements.