For service providers

Key Documents

QCSS Practice Manual (PDF, 1.6 MB) QCSS Practice Manual (DOCX, 830 KB)

The Practice manual provides information about:

  • planning and delivering supports - including the target group, eligibility and support types
  • administering supports - including reporting and accountability
  • service outlet and government responsibilities.

QCSS Outcome Measurement System (OMS) Technical Specification (DOCX, 282 KB) QCSS Outcome Measurement System (OMS) Technical Specification (PDF, 1.8 MB)

The QCSS-OMS Technical Specification provides:

  • detailed definitions, formats and code values for each of the data elements that are required to be reported in the QCSS-OMS
  • definitions of data elements and concepts that are not to be reported in the QCSS-OMS, but enable the derivation of reportable data elements and therefore require a clear definition.

Please note: the QCSS-OMS Data Submission process has changed effective 4 January 2021.
The Data Submission Guide provides instruction on how to upload QCSS- OMS reports via the QCSS-OMS Portal.

ONI Needs Identification (ONI) Tools

The ONI tools are used to consistently assess the level and complexity of a person's support needs to determine the appropriateness of Queensland Community Support Scheme supports. 

Quality Assurance and Reporting

Provides QCSS funded organisations with key information and resources regarding your obligations to the department. 

Promotional Resources

These printable promotional resources provide important information about the Queensland Community Support Scheme for service users.