Queensland Financial Inclusion Plan

The Queensland Financial Inclusion Plan (PDF, 1.1 MB) The Queensland Financial Inclusion Plan (RTF, 309 KB) (the plan) launched on 19 October 2016 sets out what we will do to assist financially vulnerable Queenslanders to be better prepared to respond to cost-of-living pressures and financially stressful life events. We also provide education and training to help people improve their future financial well-being.

The plan provides a whole-of-Queensland response to financial exclusion and hardship in Queensland, and outlines key initiatives undertaken by government and the non-government sector.

About the plan

The Queensland Government has worked with representatives from the corporate, financial and community sectors to generate actions and deliver outcomes for financial resilience and inclusion across Queensland.

The plan is focused around three priority areas:

  1. Improving financial literacy and building capabilities – ensuring people have the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities to make informed financial decisions
  2. Responding directly to financial hardship – ensuring targeted services, programs and products are available to those experiencing financial hardship
  3. Driving an integrated whole-of-system response – working together to deliver an integrated response to financial hardship, supported by a strengthened evidence base and collaborative relationships within and across sectors.


The plan will be reviewed and updated over time to reflect new initiatives and priorities with report cards outlining progress made and showcasing success stories to be published.

QFIP Report Card - October 2016 - September 2018 (PDF, 144 KB) QFIP Report Card - October 2016 - September 2018 (DOCX, 238 KB)