Social Cohesion

The Queensland Government is committed to a fair, prosperous and equitable society. Safe, vibrant, and inclusive communities that thrive underpin this society.

A thriving, cohesive community is a community where Queenslanders of all backgrounds, ages and abilities:

  • are included and respected
  • connect, trust each other and share resources
  • have opportunities to make a positive and meaningful contribution.

Violent and divisive events around the world and in Australia in recent years have highlighted how important it is to maintain and build communities that stick together in good and bad times and where everyone feels that they belong.

The Queensland Government has committed more than $12.7 million since 2016 to strengthening social cohesion in our communities and appointed a community committee – the Queensland Social Cohesion Implementation Committee (QSCIC) to help shape initiatives.

Read more about the Queensland Government’s commitment to inclusive, resilient communities that are responsive to community priorities and needs Thriving Communities, Thriving Queensland Commitment Statement (PDF).

  • Thriving Cohesive Communities Action Plan

    The Thriving Cohesive Communities: Action Plan for Queensland 2019-21 (Stage 2) was developed in collaboration with the Queensland Social Cohesion Implementation Committee (QSCIC) to promote and preserve Queensland’s social cohesion and inclusion, and reduce social marginalisation and economic exclusion.

  • Thriving Cohesive Communities Grants

    Read about the successful Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 grant recipients and community projects.