Thriving Cohesive Communities Action Plan

This second action plan, Thriving Cohesive Communities: Action Plan for Queensland 2019-21 (Stage 2), builds on initiatives delivered under the Cohesive Communities: An Action Plan for Queensland 2016-18. Over 80 projects were funded in 2016-18 across the state to bring individuals, families and communities together to increase understanding and appreciation of the diversity of Queenslanders.

The Thriving Cohesive Communities: Action Plan for Queensland 2019–21 (Stage 2) sets out priorities for action under four key focus areas:

  • Pathways for individuals
  • Family connections
  • Community connections and strength
  • Collaborative services

This second action plan has:

  • a greater emphasis on young people (12-25 years)
  • targeted investment for more focused impact to the regional Queensland locations of Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Townsville
  • a greater emphasis on addressing economic exclusion.

It is a plan to promote and strengthen Queensland’s social cohesion, reduce social marginalisation and economic exclusion, and address anti-social behaviour and behaviours that can lead to violence or physical harm.