Quality and safeguards

The Disability Services Act 2006 outlines a range of quality and safeguards that apply to disability services funded or delivered by the department, which are outside the scope of the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework. It also retains limited quality and safeguards in relation to disability services provided by NDIS registered providers.

Positive behaviour support

The Positive behaviour support and restrictive practices framework safeguards the rights of adults with a cognitive or intellectual disability who exhibit severely challenging behaviours. It provides for the authorisation of restrictive practices to support individuals in specific circumstances.

Criminal history screening

People with a disability can be more vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation than other members of the community.

The Disability Services Act 2006 makes it unlawful for a person engaged, or to be engaged, to work at a service outlet (meaning a place at which disability services are provided) by the department, a funded non-government service provider or an NDIS non-government service provider without complying with screening requirements.

Queensland will be transitioning to a national NDIS worker screening check in 2020. Until then, NDIS registered providers will also have to meet further worker screening requirements by expanding the scope of people that need to be screened. Recent amendments were made to the Disability Services Act 2006 and supporting regulation, to reflect these expanded requirements.

Under the Act, all workers and volunteers must undergo criminal history screening every three years.

Complaints management

The complaints management processes provides a channel for feedback on service quality and resolution of issues.

Monitoring and Investigation

The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors has monitoring and investigative powers to monitor compliance with the Act.