Disability Services National Minimum Data Set (DS NMDS)

This website provides information and resources relevant to the collection of disability data from all service providers in Queensland that received funding under the National Disability Agreement (NDA).

This includes services that were provided directly by the department and all other government and non-government service providers that received funding from the department.

The DS NMDS is:

  • a set of nationally significant data items that were collected in all Australian jurisdictions (i.e. states, territories and Commonwealth)
  • an agreed method of collection and transmission which facilitated the annual collation of nationally comparable data about services funded under the NDA.

Queensland's Data Collection

As a partner to the NDA, the department was responsible for coordinating the DS NMDS collection in Queensland. The collection of data occurs quarterly, with confidential non-identifiable records provided to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) after the end of each financial year (30 June).

The collection provided information about Queensland services, which can be compared with similar aggregated data collected from NDA funded services in other Australian jurisdictions.

DS NMDS and transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Council of Australian Governments committed to major reform of disability support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). On 8 May 2013, agreement was reached between the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments as to the process and commitments to establish the NDIS in Queensland, with the scheme implemented in Queensland on 1 July 2019.

Existing Queensland service and support arrangements, including data collection requirements with final reporting due 28 July 2019, will continue until eligible participants are phased into the NDIS. There may be a period of time when service providers are delivering support to people with a disability and providing DS NMDS data on that support under existing contracted funding arrangements with the Queensland Government, as well as delivering support under the NDIS.

Existing service providers under contract to the Queensland Government will have specific transitional arrangements agreed.

For more information on NDIS, please visit the NDIS website.