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Resources and help

Listed below are some assessment tools that may be used for conducting a basic Functional Behavioural Assessment. These tools will assist in gathering and analysing data and allow for development of hypotheses. These hypotheses will then inform the design of interventions to be implemented. The Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Intervention (FAPBI) training program delivered by the Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support will support you to use these tools as well as providing a comprehensive understanding of the functions of behaviour, analysis of data and development of interventions. Use of these tools without having attended the Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Intervention training program is not recommended.

Downloadable resources and tools

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Symposium

Disclaimer: The information in this presentation and the corresponding slides were compiled by the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views or recommendations of The Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support.

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