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Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support was established in 2008 as a key strategy in the improvement of the quality of life of people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities who engage in challenging behaviours. Established in response to Justice Bill Carter’s 2006 report (PDF, 772 KB) Justice Bill Carter’s 2006 report (RTF, 742 KB), the Centre of Excellence promotes sector expertise in positive behaviour support and the reduction in the use of restrictive practices.

In 2013 the Centre was expanded to become the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support. The expanded Centre now  incorporate the functions of;

  • The Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Support
  • The office of the Chief Practitioner Disability
  • The High and Complex Needs Team
  • Evolve Behaviour Support Services
  • Clinical Governance Support
  • Forensic Disability

The Centre of Excellence works alongside all stakeholders in the disability sector to support best practice in supporting people with disabilities who have high and complex needs, consistent evidence-based clinical practices and resources to support decision-makers, including service users and their families.

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