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Community involvement

People within the community can get involved in arranged activities to support people with a disability. Whether it be through extending the hand of friendship to a person with a disability or more active involvement, such as ensuring your workplace welcomes people with a disability, we can all play a part in making our communities more inclusive.

  • State Disability Plan 2017-2020

    Find out about the All Abilities Queensland: opportunities for all - State Disability Plan 2017-2020.

  • Queensland Disability Conference

    Find out about the programs, locations and speakers for the Queensland Disability Conference 2016.

  • Disability Action Week

    Disability Action Week overview and information about events.

  • Queensland All Abilities Playground

    The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that all children, including those with a disability, have equal access to playgrounds so they can learn, grow and develop during play.

  • Disability advisory councils

    The Queensland and regional disability advisory councils are a key channel for advice to the Minister on a range of regional, state and national disability and related matters that affect the broader community.

  • Mealtime support

    The Mealtime Support Resources are a series of information sheets with practical information on good mealtime support for people with a disability who may need some assistance at mealtimes.

  • Access and inclusion

    The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services promotes the importance of access and inclusion for people with disability across all areas so they can participate in community life.

  • Disability Services Partnership Forum

    About the Disability Services Partnership Forum - purpose, membership, meetings, role, terms of reference

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