Disability Sector Quality System

The Disability Sector Quality System (DSQS) commenced in July 2004 to provide a framework for quality service provision responsive to the needs of people with a disability. Under this framework, all specialist disability services delivered or recurrently funded by the department are required to work through a cycle towards independant certification.

The Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) is the approved certification framework for disability service providers. The HSQF contains a set of common standards known as the Human Services Quality Standards which replace the Queensland Disability Service Standards (QDSS) and Queensland Disability Advocacy Standards (QDAS).

The HSQF was developed in partnership with the non-government sector to reduce red tape and compliance burden for service providers while maintaining important safeguards for customers.

The department is currently rolling out a range of reforms to simplify processes for organisations making it easier to do business and ensuring services can be delivered as effieciently as possible. These include new streamlined service agreements and release of an updated Human Services Quality Framework document. This document outlines the key elements of the framework, its relationship to the streamlined agreements and how it applies to disability service providers.

Flexible arrangements are in place to support service providers to transition to the HSQF.

Further Information

Access to the tools and resources developed under the previous Disability Sector Quality System is available from:

Human Services Quality Framework team

07 3247 3072
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