Strengthening accountability - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Strengthening accountability

Complaints management

The department currently operates a complaints management system to investigate and resolve complaints in cooperation with funded non-government service providers.

The Disability Services Act 2006 recognises that people with a disability and others may make complaints or raise concerns if they are unhappy with a service provided or funded by the department.

Under most circumstances, complaints are resolved collaboratively and locally. Where this is not achievable, the department will have the ability to fully investigate the complaints it receives. In some circumstances - such as when it is necessary to protect a person from abuse, neglect or exploitation - the department may enter premises, seek information and ask questions to investigate a complaint.

Merit-based review of decisions

The legislation introduces the right to seek a review by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal of some decisions associated with:

  • criminal history checks for staff and volunteers of funded non-government service providers.

Notification of compensation

People who acquire a disability - for example, through an accident - may receive a compensation payment relating to their disability.

The Act requires people seeking or receiving funded disability services to notify Disability Services:

  • if they are claiming, eligible for, or receiving payment relating to their disability
  • whether a component of their payment has been allocated to future care.

People's individual circumstances will be considered when determining whether they should contribute to the cost of the services they receive.

Is your feedback

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