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Policy and practice reforms

The Disability Services (Restrictive Practices) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 is part of a package of reforms to improve the operation of the framework and outcomes for adults.

The policy and practice reforms focus on building the capacity of service providers to implement positive behaviour support in their organisations and understand the restrictive practices framework; and maintaining protections for adults by empowering clients and their family members to understand the framework, be engaged in the process, and exercise their rights.

The Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support will oversee these policy and practice reforms arising out of the review:

Guidelines and educative resources

  • developing guidelines and a model plan for positive behaviour support plans
  • developing guidelines on the types of actions which require approval as a restrictive practice, with a number of scenarios and examples
  • preparing a template for the statement about restrictive practices (requirement in the Bill) to be provided by service providers to people subject to restrictive practices and their support network
  • developing specific educative resources about restrictive practices for family members, carers and members of the person’s support network.


  • developing a policy to require the person conducting the assessment and developing the positive behaviour support plan to consult with and consider the views of family members and/or members of the person’s support network, including a guardian or advocate if there is one.


  • providing training to disability service providers in all regions of Queensland to build sector capacity to develop and implement positive behaviour support plans
  • providing training to professionals working in the disability sector on undertaking assessments of people with challenging behaviour to increase the capacity of assessors and the quality of assessments, as well as increasing the pool of trained assessors
  • delivering awareness training to disability professionals and service providers about working with people with impaired capacity to assist them to understand their rights
  • delivering training and information sessions for family members and for guardians for restrictive practice, about roles and responsibilities under the framework, and positive behaviour supports that reduce the need for restrictive practices. 

Central point of contact for advice

  • being a central point of contact for disability service providers, family members and others to provide advice.


  • monitoring the use of restrictive practices, including developing reporting requirements and resources for service providers to assist with their reporting, and developing the web portal for reporting.
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