Rights of people with a disability - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Rights of people with a disability

The Disability Services Act 2006 is based on an expanded declaration of the rights of people with a disability.

The Act retains the existing rights of people with a disability from the previous legislation, stating:

All people with a disability have the same human rights as other members of society and should be empowered to exercise their rights.

As well as affirming these rights, the Act articulates some specific rights for people with a disability. These include rights when using disability services, such as the right to receive services:

  • in a way that respects the confidentiality of personal information
  • in a safe, accessible built environment appropriate to the person's needs.

The Act specifically recognises the right to live a life free from abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The legislation encourages all Queenslanders to promote inclusive principles within their own communities.

Access to services

People with a disability have the right to equal access to services available to other members of the Queensland community.

The service delivery principles in the Disability Services Act 2006 encourage service providers to consider the needs of people with a disability when they design and deliver services.

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