Joint Action Plan - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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Joint Action Plan

Support for people with a disability to move out of Queensland public health facilities

The Queensland Government has developed an action plan to assist people with a disability who are long-stay patients in public hospitals and health facilities to move out to community living wherever possible until mid- 2019.  

The Plan will guide the process to help people who are aged 18 to under 65 years of age to move out of Queensland public health facilities where possible, and prepare for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The Plan is a joint initiative of the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, Hospital and Health Services across Queensland through Queensland Health, and the Department of Housing and Public Works.

About the Joint Action Plan

The Joint Action Plan:  Transitioning long-stay younger people with disability from Queensland public health facilities describes how the Queensland Government agencies responsible for disability services, health, and housing services will work together to support people to move out where possible. Long-stay patients will also take part in person-centred planning of their accommodation needs to prepare for the start of the NDIS from mid-2016.

Progress to date

People are being supported to transition to community living as resources become available. A total of $5 million was allocated to 60 people over 2013-14 and 2014-2015 to enable them to move from public health facilities.

Some people were able to return to live with their partners, or with other family members. Others moved into independent units, and some moved into supported accommodation shared with one or two other people with a disability.

In 2015-16, an additional $2 million is available to assist at least another 20 people.

We have also allocated $6.6 million to non-government organisations to develop affordable and accessible accommodation across Queensland for people with high physical support needs who are currently residing in public health facilities or in residential aged care.

More information

A fact sheet about the Joint Action Plan (PDF, 85 KB) fact sheet about the Joint Action Plan (DOC, 695 KB) and what it means for people with a disability and their families is also available.

For more information about what we are doing to help people with a disability prepare for the NDIS.

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