February 2013 - Issue 38 - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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February 2013 - Issue 38

End of year submissions

Please ensure that the data is submitted by the 15 July 2013 for Quarter 4. No data for any quarter will be accepted after 31 July 2013. If any data is outstanding at this time there may be an adverse effect on 2013-14 payments.

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Diary dates for 2012-13

QuarterStart DateEnd DateReference WeekDue Date
1 01-Jul-12 30-Sep-12 24-30 Sep 2012 15-Oct-12
2 01-Oct-12 31-Dec-12 25-31 Dec 2012 15-Jan-13
3 01-Jan-13 31-Mar-13 25-31 Mar 2013 15-Apr-13
4 01-Apr-13 30-Jun-13 24-30 Jun 2013 15-Jul-13

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NMDS reporting requirements

Please ensure all required fields are completed for the service type you are reporting. Particularly note that in the case of 1.042, Group homes (<7 places) – Without financial/residential control, and 4.021, Centre-based respite/respite homes (overnight), the reporting of ‘Places’ is an additional requirement; all other services received information needs to be completed (including ‘hours’).

Note where your Service Agreement requires the submission of a Service Report this is in addition to reporting of NMDS data.

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Not Operating Service Type Outlets

All Service Type Outlets need to be reported against. Any Service Type Outlet (STO) where recorded staff hours in a given quarter equal zero, should be marked in ODC as “Not operating” for that quarter.  To do this, go to the Service Type Outlet section for the corresponding quarter, select “Not operating” from the drop down menu at question 1a and click the Save button. Note where your Service Agreement requires the submission of a Service Report this is in addition to reporting of NMDS data.

Service Type Outlets with zero staff hours that have not been marked as “Not operating” will appear non-compliant and can affect future payments.

If staff hours have been recorded against the Service Type Outlet for the quarter but no Service Users were assisted, leave the outlet as operational and advise your Regional Data Support Officer (RDSO).

Agencies that use software systems for NMDS reporting other than ODC and have Not Operating Service Type Outlets need to advise the RDSO

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This Newsletter will be the last quarterly. Further Newsletters will be issued when significant issues arise.

Please refer to the website for NMDS resources.

Please distribute this information throughout your organization. 

For further assistance please contact your Regional Data Support Officer.

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Need help submitting your data?

 Data Management Services appreciates the effort required for NMDS reporting. For assistance with all aspects of the DS NMDS collection:

Email enquiries: cstdanmdshelp@communities.qld.gov.au

Website: Disability Services National Minimum Data Set (DS NMDS)

Service Providers that use either in-house systems or software other than ODC, please submit your data files to this email: cstdanmdshelp@communities.qld.gov.au

If you have any questions concerning formatting problems, contact: Chris Hemingway 07 3224 7046. 

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Is your feedback

Please submit your comments on the department's Compliments and Complaints section.

Please submit your comments on the Queensland Government website Contacts form.