December 2014 - Issue 42 - Disability Services, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (Queensland Government)

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December 2014 - Issue 42

Online Data Collection (ODC) Reforms

As a reminder, the Department is undertaking a number of reforms regarding the way the NMDS is reported.

These reforms include:

a. Enhancements to internal and external reporting systems
b. Mandatory reporting of client BIS identification numbers, and
c. Enhancements to ODC for own system users.

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What has been completed?

The following changes have been implemented in ODC:

  • New Resources page added
  • Own system data can be uploaded into ODC by Agencies
  • Improved functionality to enable synchronization with department internal systems
  • Fixes to some system bugs
  • Functionality for you to search for a new client's details using their 'BIS' ID number.

This feature means that you will be no longer be required to report service user profile details. 

There is now no requirement for ODC users to answer questions 1-16.

There is now no requirement for Own System reporting Agencies to supply a Service User file.

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What has changed this reporting period?

In the next reporting period you will notice:

  • New Service User Search screen
  • Service User information is now provided from department records and is not editable
  • Ability to inform the department of incorrect service user information
  • You are no longer required to report on service user profile details (Questions 1-16 inclusive)
  • Own system reporters will no longer provide a Service User file for uploading/reporting
  • New links to record services after searching for a client record
  • The introduction of a Service Outlet in the database hierarchy
  • The ability to restrict ODC user access by Service Outlets and Service Type Outlets
  • Links to Disability Services Reports for some users
  • Some minor page enhancements to ODC
  • Access Help resources from the Secure Services Gateway (login) page.

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What is still to come?

Over the coming months you will also notice:

  • New links to record and report Restrictive Practices

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How do I submit my data?

ODC users - use ODC as you normally would to complete your reporting.

Own System users - if your file conforms to the ODC upload process, you are now able to upload your files, check for errors and authorize the data.

If you need help please contact the Data Management Team at

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What changes do I need to make to my ODC Own System file?

You no longer need to provide or upload a service user file.

Only three files are now required:

  1. Service Type Outlet,
  2. Service Received Places, and
  3. Services Received Hours

We are committed to working with your Agency to assist in ensuring that your system changes and/or data meet the requirements.

We will monitor your reporting compliance top ensure prompt payment is received while we work on resolving any issues with the changes in data reporting requirements.

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Not Operating Service Type Outlets

Any Service Type Outlet (STO) where recorded staff hours in a given quarter equal zero should be marked in ODC as "Not operating" for that quarter.

To do this, go to the Service Type Outlet section for the corresponding quarter, select "Not operating" from the drop down menu at question 1a and click the Save button.

This is a common occurence for Emergency and Crisis Service Type Outlets (1.082), where the services may not have been necessary during the quarter.

Service Type Outlets with zero staff hours that have not been marked as "Not operating" will appear non-compliant and can affect the release of payments.

If staff hours have been recorded against Servie Type Outlet for the quarter, but no Service Users were assisted, leave the outlet as operation, complete the staff hours questions and report "0" at the service user question.

Please Note: after selecting save, select the tick box at the bottom of the screen (to confirm the outlet operated with no service users) and select save again.

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Reporting Period End Dates

Own System reporting Agencies must report an end date of services received within the Services Received file.

The period end date must be a date within the reporting quarter, or, as at the end of the reporting period ie Q2 end 31 December 2014.

Services reported must match the relevant reporting period and be received during, on or prior to this date e.g. Q2-01/10/2014 to 31/12/2014.

Please consult with your Departmental Contact person if you have any queried regarding period end dates.

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Need help submitting your data?

Data Management Services appreciates the effort required for NMDS reporting. For assistance with all aspects of the DS NMDS collection:

Email enquiries:

Disability Services National Minimum Data Set (DS NMDS) website.

Help yourself

There is a new Help and Resources page in ODC. You are able to now access this page without logging into ODC.

From the Service Services Gatway (login), select the link at the bottom of the page ODC - Online Data Collection.

Or, you can Logon using the username and password and in the left hand menu select DS NMDS Resources link.

This page now contains all Data and ODC guides.

 For further assistance please contact your Regional Data Support Officer

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Own System Reporting Service Provider Help

If you have any questions concerning file formatting, contact:

Andrew Barr
Phone: 32277636










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Is your feedback

Please submit your comments on the department's Compliments and Complaints section.

Please submit your comments on the Queensland Government website Contacts form.