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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Mackay and District Spinal Injuries Association

Available to

In person: Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday Regions
Remote service delivery available in other areas.

Target group

People with a physical disability aged between 18 and 65 years.

Organisational Information

Mackay and District Spinal Injuries Associaiton is a non-profit organisation that has been operating since the late 1980s. We specialise in spinal injuries and and all physical disabilities, with a goal to provide a professional service that is focused around your goals and lifestyle.

With over 25 years of experiences in the disability sector we specilise in a number of services including:

  • personal care and lifestyle assistance
  • respite, short-term, transitional, and assisted holidays support
  • community access and participation
  • teaching life and transitional skills to increase independence
  • housing support and services
  • assistance with grants and applications
  • case management and resources for physical disabilities
  • after hours emergency support

We also provide:

  • support accommodation for respite, short-term, transitional, and assisted holidays
  • linking and connecting services eg. employment and study options, sport, fitness, recreation options, occupation, physiotherapy etc.
  • accessible transport
  • disability equipment loans

All staff are employed by MDSIA are experienced, trained and are required to pass medical checks and to have a current Senior First Aid Certificate and a criminal history positive notice.

Our friendly and professional office staff members are dedicated to providing a service model that meets your needs and supports you in freedom of choice to enhance your quality of life.

Host Provider Model

Our host provider models are designed to be flexible and work around the participant's needs and lifestyle choices. Participants can choose to make up their host provider model based on the tasks they need assistance with or are able to take on themselves.

Participants can choose a fully managed model where MDSIA takes on the majority of responsibilities and tasks, have the option of receiving trainining around self-direction in order to take on more responsibilities over time.

Upon agreeing to use MDSIA as a host provider, you will receive an introduciton kit which includes:

  • information booklet about the Your Life Your Choice model and our services
  • funding available to you and your service category type/s, and how it may affect your budget
  • policies and documentation covering rights, roles, responibilities and accountability

We will also work with you and all parties involved to establish a service agreement.

Fee Structure

Our service models are flexible and customised to suit your choices when self-directing and the amount of responsibility you wish to take on. We have provided two service model examples situated at either end of the spectrum in regards to the level of self-direction we offer. The first example indicates full responsibility of the participant and the second example indicates MDSIA as taking on full responsibility. A model can be chosen in between these two plans and we can provide a quote based on the particular services you require.

Free initial consultation (up to 1 hour)

We provide you with information about MDSIA and explain your rights, choices and responsibilities. We will display different service models available under MDSIA, showing your level of responsibility, costs and explaining what each model involves.
We will provide you with material to help you think about your life plan and who you want involved in the planning process eg. family, cultural and religious supports, translator, interpreter or advocate.
A quote can be provided to you afterwards based on our consultation.

Participant Directed Model - $150 establishment fee plus 4% of total funding

Throughout the planning proces we will:

  • provide you with access to example plans, online resources, links and forums
  • finalise details in your plan, create review options and dates plus add any additional safeguards
  • do a final endorsement checklist of your plan

Throughout the establishment of the plan we will:

  • transfer agreed advance payments to your nominated bank account
  • provide you with financial templates to record your purchases, expenditure and monitor your service delivery
  • provide you with information about in-home health and safety and staff performance reviews
  • carry out scheduled reviews, which includes reviewing the support you receive, managing the service agreement and provision of up-to-date information involving changes in self-direction, funding guidelines, legislation and policies

While maintaining your plan we will:

  • be responsible for financial and departmental acquittals
  • offer telephone contact for simple advice
  • offer additional services to be charged at an hourly rate, which can be negotiated, starting at $32/hr which may include administration support, case management, personal support, community access, facilitation, coordinator support, payroll and travel costs

Host Provider Directed Model - $480 establishment fee plus 9% of total funding

Throughout the planning process we will:

  • provide you will access to example plans, connect you with other participants for plan discussions and ideas, and provide online resources, links and forums
  • provide you with planning material
  • work together with you and any parties you want involved to develop your plan and goals
  • evaluate your plan by identifying any issues, risks, costs and budgeting problems and give your feedback to make it more secure
  • suggest any solutions or safeguards that may need to be put in place
  • review and assess any potential purchases involved in your plan
  • suggest any changes to link or connect with the community
  • provide you with a list of mainstream, community and private providers, services and/or groupls that can support you to meet the goals in your plan, and set up meetings and introductions for new service providers if required (this will also include appropriate services to meet your cultural and religious preferences)
  • finalise the details in your plan, create review options and dates plus add any additional safeguards
  • do a final checklist of your plan and have it endorsed

Throughout the establishment of the plan we will:

  • hold your funds
  • seek approval for, and if approved, purchase aids and equipment needed straight away for your plan
  • set up your details in our system to monitor your expenses, service delivery, purchases and expenditure, and provide you with financial updates
  • finalise any staff and service arrangements
  • put staff on our payroll and offer emergency support
  • conduct medical and background checks at a cost
  • put staff requirements and paperwork in place
  • set up payments for invoices and costs related to support and services received, mainstream services, therapies, aids and equipment and other listed items in your approved plan

While maintaining your plan we will:

  • monitor your funds and provide periodic updates on your funding
  • provide continued funding management support and advice
  • ensure service statutory obligations, reporting and financial acquittals are met
  • ensure continued disbursement of funding for invoices and costs related to the delivery of services and supports included in your life plan
  • carry out scheduled reviews outlined in your plan, which may include review of the support you receive, facilitating an extra supports and management of the agreement
  • provide you with up-to-date information regarding self-direction, funding guidelines and requirements and legislation and policy changes
  • manage staff including payroll matters, rosters, performance, compensation and insurance and workplace health and safety
  • provide general information and advice relating to opportunities or other service providers





Contact name:
Alison Herring
Contact position:
Service Coordinator
Contact phone:
07 4957 2180

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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