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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Mercy Community Services

Available to

Brisbane Metro & Greater Brisbane

Target group

People aged 10-65 years who have an intellectual and/or physical disability.

Organisational Information

Under the business name of Mercy Community Services, the self-directed funding service will be established via a Hosting Agreement negotiated between the individual and their family/carer and Mercy Community Services. The Agreement will clearly identify:

  • The relationship, roles and responsibilities of each party, and
  • How the management of funding and purchasing of supports and services will occur.

Self-direction requires the person in receipt of funding to take responsibility for their own decisions and choices. Mercy Community Services expects that the individual and their family/carer will accept the delegated authority to take control of their own support arrangements under the terms & conditions of the Host Agreement.

Host Provider Model

Mercy Community Services service offers various options for the individual and their family/carer to have authority, decision making and a level of choice and control over their services and supports to meet their individual needs. This includes:

  • Identifying the amount and type of support required to meet individual needs;
  • Developing personalised plans in line with the individuals vision, goals and support needs;
  • Recruiting and managing suitable people to fulfil these support needs
  • Meeting all obligations of an ‘employer’; and
  • Ensuring that supports are provided within the identified budget.

If the family and their family/carer identify that they do not have the confidence, skills, experience or knowledge to undertake these core functions, then Mercy Community Services can provide these services on a fee-for-service basis.

A Mercy Community Services representative will be engaged with each person and their family/carer to:

  • Create a person-centred support plan that identifies support and lifestyle goals, support needs and strategies to ensure the service is delivered to the individual;
  • Ensure that administrative needs are met, such as coordinating services including referrals, invoicing, payments and expenditure, reporting to Disability Services;
  • Monitor the goals and outcomes of the person-centred support plan by undertaking regular reviews; and
  • Provide information and resources to build the capacity of the individual and/or family/carer directing their services.

Fee Structure

All quoted prices are exclusive of GST.

  1. Establishment of Hosting Agreement $45/hour

  2. Meetings with individual, family/carer and others;

  3. Development of Person Centred Plan including advice, coaching and budget;

  4. Documentation and tools to manage quality control systems eg. Human Services Quality Framework;

  5. Information on employer responsibilities including health and safety checklists, excluding recruitment services, employment contracts, induction, training of staff or payroll; and

  6. Negotiation of Hosting Agreement.

  7. Ongoing Administration Fee 10% – services provided at this level are purely administrative

  8. Financial administration including receipt and holding of funding and payment of expenses; and Accountability to funding provider.

  9. Fee for Service – additional services may be purchased from Mercy Community Services at a fee to be negotiated depending on the type of service. Additional services will be tailor-made for individual requirements, and include:

  10. Consultation with service providers, community organisations and other individuals;

  11. Researching options to achieve vision and goals;

  12. Assistance with connections to the community;

  13. Creation of tools and documentation to assist with recruitment and management of employees – such as position descriptions, employment contracts, supervision, orientation, induction, health and safety;

  14. Payroll Service whereby the individual or family/carer is the employer and Mercy Community Services is responsible for the payment of employees; and

  15. Staff training.





Contact name:
Fran Vicary
Contact position:
Senior Operations Manager
Contact phone:
07 3866 4201
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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