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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Me Time

Available to

The Greater Brisbane area, including Brisbane Metro, Logan, Bayside and Bay Islands.

Target group

All people with disability aged 0 – 65 years.

Organisational Information

Me Time Self-Directed Disability Support is an accredited Host Provider which aims to help you plan for your needs now and into the future so you can achieve your life goals.

Founded by well-known Redlands disability sector leader Alexandra Shaw, who also established the highly regarded Tea-cup Cottage Disability Support Services in 2010, Me Time is a niche provider which focuses on individual needs.

Our caring and experienced staff are trained to help you self-directed and/or self-manage your disability support, or that of a family member, under the new Your Life Your Choice approach to disability funding.

Through our person-centred planning, we will help you succeed in the areas that you are happy to manage yourself and find the right support for the areas that you want other people to help manage. Our flexible approach allows for the changes that occur as life moves on.

We also have expertise with supporting ventilated patients who choose to remain in their own homes.

Our philosophy is based upon the respect and value of life and at Me Time, we believe it's all about you.

For more information about Me Time, easy to understand Q&A's and real-life case studies, visit our website.

Host Provider Model

Me Time provides an ongoing personalised service to ensure you are fully supported to help you achieve your needs and goals.

We will help you through each step of the process. Our Person Centred Planning helps people decide their goals in life and what support they need to get there, and our Person Centred Consultants work with clients to assist them in understanding the choices available, including how to best use their self-directed funding to achieve their goals.

Our in-home support services are tailored to your life goals and include domestic support, personal care, community network support and life skills development.

We also have a team of highly-skilled and fully-trained support staff who specialise in the support of high-care clients. Compassionate and sensitive to the discretions that are often lost with this level of care, our staff are flexible for your specific medical needs.

There are multiple models of self-directing that clients can adopt to suit their life goals and capacities. At Me Time, we will work with you to implement your individual plan.

Some options available are:

  • payroll service - our aligned company For Care Pty Ltd can coordinate a payroll service and take on the 'legal employer' responsibilities for staff including support workers, key workers and coordinators. You are responsible for employing and managing your own staff.
  • self-management - Me Time can help you to directly engage your staff. When you self-manage, Me Time does not have a direct relationship with the people engaged in the provision of support or services. However, we can provide support about using methods such as engaging contractors operating with an ABN and employing workers under the PAYG system.
  • you may choose to use a combination of both paryoll and self-management. The choice is yours and we are here to support you in these choices.

Please note, our clients have no obligation to purchase services from Me Time or For Care Pty Ltd but they have the right to request services from any organisation or individual. We are happy to work with people commencing this journey in a support capacity whilst you navigate your choice of host provider.

We also provide a wide range of other services including:

  • out-of-home care and respite at three beautifully appointed Bayside homes
  • in-home support for people who do not require full-time assistance
  • in-home support for clients with high-care needs including those who are ventilated
  • the Blue Tongue Adventure day service for young people and adults living with a disability

Fee Structure

Package One

Initial establishment is a $100 fee.

A fee of 3% of the persons total funding as per the annual service budget/grant agreement will be charged for the auspice of funding package.

  • Client/ Me Time Service Agreement
  • Tools for financial reporting for self direction and self managing
  • Bi-annual review meeting

Me Time Self Directed Disability Support receives the funds from Disability Services and transfers them quarterly, less the agreed fees (3%), into the persons nominated separate bank account.
The person employs their own workers and undertakes all human resource requirements. At the end of each month, the person provides Me Time with evidence of expenditure.

Package Two

Initial establishment is a $750 fee.
A fee of 10% of the persons total funding as per the annual service budget/grant agreement will be charged for the delivery of fundamental supports:

  • Client / Me Time Service Agreement
  • Training for individual and/or families
  • Tools, resources, templates for self-direction and self management
  • Auspice of funding package
  • Statements of Actual Expenditure
  • Administration support via a contact person
  • Person Centred Planning
  • Access to individual planning bi-annually
  • Advice on staff recruitment
  • Advice on external community resources
  • Linking and referral.

For extra supports, the additional percentage of your funding will be agreed depending on your life goals and your choices. This will depend on the areas you would like to self-direct and self-manage, and the additional supports you would like Me Time to manage.

We can also assist with allocating a dedicated coordinator to manage every area of your plan. This level of support will require 17% of your funding. Fees falling between 10-17% will be discussed on a case-by-case basis to support the many different ways that people choose to live and we are willing to be flexible in regards to how we best support you.





Contact name:
Lauren Sanders
Contact position:
Service Coordinator
Contact phone:
1800 832 287
Contact mobile:
0432 074 906
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

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