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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Queensland Support Services and Solutions

Available to

Metropolitan and Greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Redlands and Toowoomba

Target group

People identifying as predominantly having a physical disability, aged 0-65 years.

Organisational Information

Queensland Support Services and Solutions (QSSS) was launched in January 2010 to provide in-home quality support services to people with physical disabilities. QSSS applies an affirmative action culture and practice to the organisation, where employment is provided or facilitated for people who have the personal experience of disability. We are in a prime position to emphathise and relate, and can provide a quality service based on personal experience. The Managing Director and several other staff employed by QSSS are wheelchair users and are included in the service’s governance.

QSSS have been ready for the NDIS since we began in 2010! We are committed to promoting self-determination of people who have a disability, where people have choices and as much control of their service delivery as they wish to have. Our services are transparent, flexible and negotiable and we promote personal choice and control in all areas of service delivery. QSSS supports people with physical disability in Greater Brisbane, South East Queensland including Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts and Darling Downs.

QSSS also provide support and advocacy for people with disabilities on issues affecting them and provide donations and sponsorship to several other disability causes and services.

Host Provider Model

QSSS Clients are strongly encouraged to manage all the areas of their service that they choose to. This includes planning, recruitment and staffing, arranging of daily support services and personalising their model of support. QSSS have been facilitating a self-directed service approach since its inception.

QSSS are able to manage the necessary administrative requirements attached to Departmental funding without intruding or impinging on the Clients support preferences or operational support matters. Working with Clients, we design a Client Agreement which sets out the roles and responsibilities of QSSS and Client, and outlines the services the Client chooses to purchase or receive and the way in which they expect those services to be delivered. At any time, the Client Agreement can be reviewed and modified as people become more comfortable with managing their supports. Our intention is not just to undertake tasks on behalf our Clients, but to work alongside our Clients as they develop or master the necessary skills to completely manage their funding and take control of their support systems.

Please ask for a copy of our Handbook and seek a quotation via email. You are welcome to seek a meeting at your home so your options can be explained to you.

Fee Structure

QSSS negotiate a percentage of funding (referred to as an administrative fee) to cover costs of administering service delivery or receipt based on the tasks QSSS are asked to carry out as outlined in the Service Agreement. The administration fee ranges from 6-10% of the Clients total annual funding depending on what services or support the Client seeks to utilise; a lower fee can be negotiated for those wishing and area able to totally self-manage. A one off $375 establishment fee is required to cover the cost of drafting of the Client Agreement and consultation meeting. For those requiring a greater degree of support (ie ongoing coordination), a small standard Coordination fee may also apply.

The administration items that are covered by this fee:

  • Receiving of funding and brokerages on behalf of the Client
  • Assessment of Needs including personal, risks and advocacy details
  • Client Agreement development and service planning
  • Meeting requirements of the Disability Services Act, the Service Agreement, Quality Framework, NMDS obligations and Disability and Human Services standards
  • Financial Reporting including funding statements to the Client
  • Participation in internal and external audits, and Client feedback
  • Development and maintaining of accurate and individual accounting records of income and expenditure and quarterly client reporting (or as requested)
  • Human Resource Management (including full insurances and workcover)
  • Ongoing monitoring and review systems

QSSS understand the unique needs of each individual and provide information regarding two generic models although acknowledge that these form only a basis of support and can be adapted and negotiated depending on individual needs and circumstances.

  1. Self Directed with Support

  2. Provision of payroll services and meeting the responsibilities of staff employment

  3. Support and assistance with staff recruitment and training and supervision

  4. Coordination support including liaison with service providers and purchasing negotiation

  5. Managing transactions with additional support providers

  6. Accessibility to on-call services and emergency response

  7. Provision of quarterly funding statement

  8. Self Directed with Limited Support

Can be totally independent or may include:

  • Provision of payroll services and meeting the responsibilities of staff employment
  • Managing transactions with additional support providers
  • Provision of quarterly funding statement

At any time, the administrative fee can be reviewed and negotiated.





Contact name:
Vanessa Jamieson
Contact position:
Coordination Manager
Contact mobile:
0455 502 900
Contact email:
Secondary contact name:
Erin Christian
Secondary contact position:
Finance Manager
Secondary contact phone:
(07) 5485 0998
Secondary contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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