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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers


Available to

Statewide including the Torres Strait.

ARC is located in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Target group

All people with a disability aged 0 – 65 years.

Organisational Information

ARC is a community based organisation with a long history in Cairns and The Far North supporting children and adults who have a disability and their families and support networks.

Established in 1976 by a group of parents with a vision for their children we pride ourselves on being person focussed, friendly, flexible and fun!

Our Vision is that people who have a disability are empowered to reach their full potential, dreams and aspirations, enabling them to enjoy a fulfilling life of their choosing as valued members of the community.

We work collaboratively with our service users, their support networks and the community to facilitate a range of options and opportunities which promote active participation for all.

At ARC we have always encouraged people to be involved in planning and creating the supports they choose to live life as valued and included members of the community.

The opportunity to Self-Direct funding through “Your Life Your Choice” now means that there is a framework for us all to work with, to make sure this happens in a way that best meets your needs, provides value for money, and opportunities which promote an inclusive and positive life for all community members.

Respite and Flexible Support Services

Respite – a planned approach assisting families to continue to care.

Learning and Life Skills Program

ARC Learning and Life Skills - where success is doing the ordinary, in an extraordinary way, and learning is lifelong.

Lifestyle Support Service

ARC Lifestyle Support Service – where opportunities are unlimited and lifestyle is just the beginning.

Early Childhood and Family Support Services

ARC Early Childhood and Family Support Services- a developmental approach to family and early intervention, “learn to play, play to learn”.

Human Resource Management

With 36 years of experience supporting individuals with disabilities and their families. ARC has positioned itself within the community as an employer of choice. By being able to offer quality, competent, confident team members ARC prides itself by being able to provide “more than just a support worker”. Through these years of experience ARC is able to provide, or provide guidance and assistance in; Recruitment; Induction; Training; Supervision; Performance Management; Employee Administration and Management.

It’s the years of experience; passion and drive to be the best that ARC is able to offer this quality support, and enthusiastic team members to support you.

Host Provider Model

The ARC Self Directed Funding Consultancy aims to offer people who have a disability, their families and support networks full opportunity to direct their supports and services to the extent which they are confident and comfortable. We offer a range of options which can be utilised individually or together to build an individualised response for each person, plus “add ons” available on a user pays basis which can provide specialist assistance of full service delivery.

Change between options is available, with support provided to develop skills to become more empowered with taking on more responsibility as confidence grows ensuring each person has the option to mix and match the type and level of assistance they require, to turn their package into the support they need.

The main service options are Host, Facilitate and Full Service, giving each person the option to mix and match the type and level of assistance they require to turn their package into the support they need. Should families require full assistance with service delivery or specialist support this is available as a user pays “add on” option, ie back of office, staff management or specialist planning.

Discussion with you about how your support may look and what you require will form the basis of negotiation to develop a plan for use of your funds. We are a local, Cairns based organisation and will ensure there is one point of contact for you in your communications with us.

Fee Structure

  • Initial set up: $600 one off fee
  • Hosting of package: 6% of funding
  • Annual Service Fee (applicable after first year): $300 per year
  • Direct service provision: from $51.50 per hour base rate 1:1
  • Group service provision: Individual quotes on request
  • Specialist support: Individual quotes on request starting from $60 per hour

Fees and charges will be reviewed on a regular basis.
Please note ARC may negotiate an increase in administration fees with you should the need arise.





Contact name:
Natasha Rivett
Contact position:
General Manager - Client Services and Intake
Contact phone:
07 4046 3614
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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