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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Rural Lifestyle Options Association Inc. (My Life, My Choice - Self Directed Service)

Available to

Scenic Rim Regional Council, Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council, Gold Coast City Council, Redlands City Council geographical areas.

Target group

All people with a disability aged between 0 - 65 years.

Organisational Information

Rural Lifestyle Options Australia (RLOA) is the service of choice for people with a disability aged 0-65 years who live in the Scenic Rim and surrounding areas.

Our location is unique and so too are the services we provide to ensure people with a disability can enjoy the lifestyle that this world heritage location offers. You can have the confidence RLOA will take that journey with you to help you reach your dreams and a life of your choice.

RLOA specialises in providing individualised and person centred opportunities and support through a range of services including:

  • Supported holidays
  • Respite
  • Learning and life skills programs and support
  • Centre based respite
  • Supported accommodation
  • Fee for service arrangements tailored to suit your needs
  • Housing and Support Program

For more detailed information about the services RLOA can offer, please visit our website or call our office.

Host Provider Model

My Life, My Choice - Self Directed Service

RLOA recognises that people achieve better outcomes where they can maintain genuine control over their lives and to this end, participants will be actively engaged in the design, direction and delivery of the services they want, to achieve their life of choice.

Our experienced Service Coordinator will assist you and your family to discuss your desires, support needs and the various options open to you and the level of involvement you would like RLOA to provide under the host provider model.

RLOA will facilitate the process of exploration of possibilities with you and your family to map your journey to achieving your life of choice.

Through person centred planning we can empower you to create your unique person centred plan which will guide your progress towards your unique goals.

RLOA can assist with resources to assist you to make informed choices, help you to gain greater independence in managing your own supports and a wide network of providers to enable you to make the best possible decision to meet your needs.

Whether you would like more or less responsibility in managing your supports we will facilitate planning, and develop a personalised plan in partnership with you to ensure your needs are met whilst ensuring that those supports are consistent with the identified approved items.

Why not contact us to see how we can assist you on your journey.

Fee Structure

RLOA has developed a fee structure which is competitive and good value for money. Our host provider service is flexible and is specifically tailored to your individual needs whether your choose to self-manage or self-direct or want something between the two approaches.

Free initial meeting

RLOA provides a free initial meeting for all participants which includes:

  • Meeting face to face with you and your identified support person/s
  • Discussion about your identified needs and funding package details
  • Provision of package of information about the RLOA host provider model
  • Provision of quote for services following discussion

Establishment fee - $660

If you decide that RLOA is the host provider you are wanting to work in partnership with you, then a payment of $660 (inclusive of GST) establishment fee would be payable and will cover:

  • Intake and assessment processes associated with entry to RLOA host provider service
  • Facilitation of Person Centred Planning
  • Development of service contract with specified responsibilities and relative supports
  • Establishment of financial management system and account

RLOA would provide guidance to every participant about the reasonable and necessary supports that can be purchased by their funding.
If there is a need for additional meetings after this initial consultation to finalise the establishment details, a charge of $50 per hour would apply.

Self-Managed Approach - 10% administration fee

If you decide that a self-managed approach (meaning you have full responsibility) is best suited for you, then RLOA would charge you 10% of your overall package (payable every quarter) to cover:

  • setting up and monitoring direct payments into your account
  • ongoing costs associated with the payment of invoices and monthly statements
  • undertake follow up with person for invoices where necessary
  • initiate next payment
  • advice as required on reporting and acquittals
  • written quote will be provided

RLOA would apply a sliding scale of fees between self-managed or self-directed approaches in consultation with you if you do not feel comfortable with all aspects of the two identified approaches.

In-between Flexible Approach - 11-14% administration fee

If you decide that you want to tailor the approach (meaning you would have most responsibility) between the two identified approaches then RLOA would charge you between 11% and 14% of your overall package (payable each quarter) to cover:

  • intake and assessment processes
  • development of service contract
  • facilitation of person centred planning
  • administration of funding, processing invoices and preparation of monthly statements
  • payments for support workers
  • associated brokerage services at the direction of the participant and on receipt of invoices
  • reconciliation of funds and acquittals
  • quarterly reporting
  • maintaining regular contact with participant and family support
  • management of files, accounts, work cover and insurance details

Self-Directed Approach - 15% administration fee

If you decide that a self-directed approach (meaning you have some responsibility) is best suited to you then RLOA would charge you 15% of your overall package (payable each quarter) to cover:

  • implementation and ongong monitoring and review of person centred plan
  • ongoing budgeting (monitor spending against identified service supports, quarterly reports)
  • procuring services
  • organising supports
  • making payments (including payment of staff, invoices, acquittals, monthly statements etc.)
  • linking and networking support
  • resources to assist with navigation of available resources within your community of choice
  • reporting requirements to funding body

Any additional specialist supports or direct supports would be negotiated at a rate of $50 per hour.

There are no exit fees charged should a participant choose to move to another host provider.





Contact name:
Elena Charlton
Contact position:
General Manager Sector Development
Contact phone:
07 5541 1702
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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