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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

SBcare Disability Planning Service

Available to

South Burnett Regional Council area; parts of Darling Downs Regional Council area - Yarraman and District; and
parts of Gympie Regional Council area - Goomeri and District.

Target group

All people with a disability aged 18 to 65 years.

Organisational Information

SBcare is one of the longest established disability care services in the South Burnett. We have worked in and with our community to assist people with a disability to receive the care they want, achieve the aspirations they have by ensuring that the services we offer are client focused and client driven.

We are committed to working with individuals and families to assist them in creating, obtaining and maintaining the life that they want to lead through a quality person centred service provision, through consulting, engaging and acting on behalf of the individual and their family in all we do.

Our organisations mission is “Through a service of excellence we strive to enhance the wellbeing and encourage the independence of members of our community regardless of age or ability.”

Host Provider Model

“SBcare Disability Planning Service” is the name of our Host Provider Service, this model is built on the SBcare vision statement which is “Through a service of excellence we strive to enhance the well being and encourage the independence of members of our local community regardless of age or ability.”

Presently we work with people who have individualised plans developed for them and we assist in planning and managing the many options available for individual funding. “SBcare Disability Planning Service” will provide a range of services for people with disabilities who are looking for a Host Provider to manage their planning, resources and funding to the level they require.

A dedicated planner will work with you and your family, carer, or guardian to negotiate, arrange and advise on the support options available; this can range from a total package management service to a fully self-directed service where you have maximum choice and control.

Our Care Planner will work with you to develop the best plan for your needs, funds and situation so that you are can direct the care you need. We can arrange flexible and tailored plans to ensure that individual needs are met. We can arrange specialist support, a variety of services, aids and equipment, to suit your situation and in the way you want to utilise your funding.
SBcare Disability Planning Service is about helping you to address your needs in self directed care.

Fee Structure

Initial Interview

Initial interview (up to 2 hours) free

Mandatory Establishment Fee:

This fee is $325 to develop your plan, budget and set up the Host Provider Agreement (this may take a significant amount of time and will involve intensive co-operation between the host and client)

Host Provider Agreement Options:

Option A

This option is aimed at those people who are developing and managing their own plan and require minimal support, examples of this service may include SBcare Planning Service looking after the paying of accounts, reporting functions, connection with required services and acquittals (This option has a heavy reliance on the client ensuring that accurate, timely and appropriate information is provided and has minimal support to the action plan processes).

Fee: 7% of total funding package.

Option B

This option is aimed at people who want to have a active role in the development of their plan and some management but would like SBcare to take care of tasks such as payments of invoices and quarterly reporting and acquittals and a greater level of interaction in regard to acquiring the appropriate contacts and services to implement their plan. (This option allows flexability and interaction but still relies on the client doing some of the work to ensure that accurate, timely and appropriate information is provided, we offer a greater level of support in this area than in option A)

Fee: 10% of total funding.

Option C

This option is aimed at people who want to co-create a plan and engage supports with the consultative participation with our planner. We will manage all payments of invoices, reporting and acquittals as well as plan co-creation. We will also enable the access to plan driven resources, expertise and equipment, suitable staff recruitment and management (this includes all staff considerations applicable to an “employee”) , facilitation of access to required expertise as well as looking after the bills, reports and acquittals. This is a full case management option for those who want some control but not the adminstrative worry.

Fee: 14% of total funding.

Other Fees

A fee-for-service of $58 to $65 per hour will apply for any additional work requested by the client outside the agreed plan.
If there is a high level of case management complexity and it is felt that disability specific professional expertise will be required the Host will discuss any other fees above the service that we offer with you at the initial interview. This will be accounted for in the planning stages so that you are prepared for any financial ramifications.
You may also like to propse an alternative arrangement to the Options offered above and we can negotiate an applicable % of total funding and or Fee-for-service arrangement to facilitate your custom option.





Contact name:
Cheryl Dalton
Contact position:
Contact phone:
07 41627300
Contact email:

Fee calculator

You can use the calculator below to compare host provider fees. Please note that this tool offers a general guide only - always check and confirm the fees with the provider before entering into an agreement.

Funding amount
Establishment fee
Administration fee
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