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Your Life Your Choice Host Providers

Australian Disability Plans

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Target group

All people with disability aged 18-65 years living in Queensland.

Organisational Information

Australian Disability Plans is an arm of Deaf Services Queensland (DSQ) who has been servicing the community for 110 years. With locations in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Maryborough and Toowoomba DSQ offers a range of services to support the community including Auslan classes, interpreting, lifestyle support and community walk in services.

DSQ is a highly experienced in the delivery of support services to the community; DSQ has been delivering support services to the community for well in excess of 50 years. Currently DSQ supports clients across the disability spectrum from those who have complex needs to those who require a little help with daily tasks.

DSQ offers services statewide and is located in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, and Maryborough. In addition, DSQ will also provide services through telephone, web/email based and video conferencing. Where possible, DSQ will provide choice upon the way in which the individuals interacts with DSQ, based upon the location, mobility and preference of the individual.

Host Provider Model

The Australian Disability Plans' (ADP) model of service provision is based around a client centric approach where individual supports can be selected based upon the need and cost to the individual. ADP's services include:

  • Support plan development
  • Long term needs planning
  • Service provision or service coordination support
  • Accounting, auditing and financial acquittal

The model provided by Australian Disability Plans centres on the development and design of the Support Plan (SP) and Individual Profile Action Plan (IPAP). The unique way in which ADP separates these plans allows the SP to provide a mapping of the supports to be delivered within the period for the individual. In the case of the IPAP it establishes a longer term view and maps how supports may need to change over time. The IPAP develops a lifelong plan which the support plan can be developed alongside.

The role of the lifelong plan will be to ensure changes in capacity, needs and most importantly wants are able to be catered for, therefore a flexible Individual Profile Action Plan (IPAP) is negotiated. The IPAP will take into consideration customised, realistic goal setting, and incorporate planning for the future. The document will be flexible and will alter based upon the changing needs to the individual, they will also be made available to the individual with disability and other interested parties to ensure they are well informed.

After this initial process the individual then has the opportunity to select the level of support they wish to be provided. Three examples are provided below, however others can be develop upon request of the individual:

Complete Plan

  • SP and IPAP Development
  • Accounting, acquittals
  • Support coordination and/or delivery

Handover Plan

  • SP and IPAP Development
  • Individual organises all other aspects

Hand in Hand Plan

  • SP and IPAP Development
  • ADP providers help with budgeting supports
  • Individual organises support or ADP provides brokerage

DSQ is able to deliver these planning services in a number of ways including face to face, telephone, web/email based and video conferencing (VC). Where possible, DSQ will provide choice upon the way in which the individual interacts with DSQ, based upon the location, mobility and preference of the individual.

Fee Structure

Initial Plan Set Up Fee (Once Off): $300

Monthly Account Fee (Per Month): $25.00

Hourly Rate: $49.60

Service Provision (per hour): $38.00 -$55.00

Group service provision: Quotes on request

Specialist support: Quotes on request starting from $60 per hour

Hourly Rate will be charged in 15 minute increments for the development of Support Plans (SP), Individuals Profile Action Plans (IPAP), Brokerage Support, Employment Support, Financial Management and Acquittal.

DSQ will work with the individual to provide an estimate of the fees on each plan based upon the requirements of the individual.

DSQ does not charge any exit fees if a client seeks to move to another provider





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Kristen Mason
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07 3892 8500
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